As a mother of 3 children, I am very passionate about treating children with gentle, natural remedies.


I understand first-hand the worry that you have as a parent, when your child is unwell.

Common childhood illnesses

I see many parents who have sought medical treatment for their children, only to be left confused and worried about using medications. It can be difficult to know where to turn when children have medical tests done but their symptoms remain.

I advocate a practical approach to treating childhood illnesses, based on healthy eating and natural remedies.


Because children's health is something I am so passionate about, I run 2 workshops during the year to help parents feel confident using natural remedies when their child is sick. If you are interested in find out more, please contact me and also see the workshop page.


A gentle naturopathic approach will benefit your child if they are experiencing any of the following symptoms: 

digestive disturbance

recurrent infections

sleep problems

cognition problems and ADHD

skin problems including acne

allergies and reactive immune system

healthy weight management


Depending on the symptoms that your child is experiencing, testing for food allergies or intolerances may also be necessary.

I work with parents to help them to feel confident in knowing how to treat their children if they come down with a cough, cold or tummy bug, using simple home remedies and food as medicine.

Simone Jeffries

B. Health Science (Naturopathy)

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