Workshop Growing Medicinal Herbs

This workshop is designed to inspire beginners to get out into the garden and learn how to start growing their own medicinal herbs for use in cooking, herbal teas and natural remedies.

This is a hands-on workshop so bring your old clothes, a hat and gardening gloves if you have them.

What you will learn:

~   how to grow Mediterranean herbs for use in cooking

~   how to make herbal tea straight from the garden

~   the different types of mint and how to propagate and grow them

~   trouble shooting common problems with growing herbs

What you will take home:

~   great ideas for starting your own herb garden

~   2 plants to get you started

~   recipe ideas for cooking with herbs

Workshop date:

Saturday 10 August 2019         2pm - 4pm

Location:      24 Punt Road, Gladesville
Cost: $95

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