For women who know there's more to weight loss than simply eating less and moving more.

Holistic Weight Loss

Do you feel that weight loss is just out of reach?

Do you know how to lose weight but lack the inspiration to make a start, or keep going?

Have you lost weight in the past just to put it back on again?

Do you want to shake up your life and change some deeply entrenched eating and lifestyle habits?

Would you like to feel confident that you're eating the right foods for your body and life stage?

Could you benefit from treatment for health conditions that might be affecting your weight?

The struggle to lose weight is something I understand! 

My weight has bothered me since I was in my early 20's. I have lived the yoyo diet: the self satisfaction of losing weight and then the self loathing when I put it back on again. You can read more about my health journey here.

Whenever we lose weight and then put it back on again, we are establishing a new, heavier 'set point' that our body will work hard to maintain. Over the years, constant dieting only leads to more and more weight gain.

"Whenever we lose weight and then put it back on again, we are establishing a new, heavier 'set point' that our body will work hard to maintain."

It's time for holistic weight loss that's achievable AND sustainable!


Out of the box

Uniquely tailored to you




As a naturopath, nutritionist, herbalist and wellness coach, I am able to provide a full health assessment and then help you with many areas of weight loss:

~   tailored advice on what to eat for optimal health

~   assessment of health condition affecting your weight

~   treatment of any health conditions

~   discussion of lifestyle factors that might hold you back

~   discussion of emotional factors that might limit weight loss

~   goal setting for success

~   weekly accountability 

~   ongoing wellness coaching and support

Out of the box:

What's different about the way I work with weight loss?

~   There are no counting points or calories

~   You won't need willpower

~   I will teach you how to eat real, whole food

~   We take regular 'rests' from the diet plan

~   We focus on wellness, not just weight

~   We focus on building healthy gut microbiota

~   We work with the latest research for sustainable results

~   Access to weekly handouts to explain holistic weight loss

~   Access to weekly worksheets for goal setting

~   Flower essences are used to help shift unhelpful emotions

Your body chemistry is unique and you deserve a tailor made approach to weight loss. 

We will focus our efforts on areas that are most important for you. These are some of the areas that might be relevant to you:

~  lack of sleep, fatigue, low energy

~  lack of time, stress, busy lifestyle

~  don't have time to, or don't enjoy exercise, injury concerns

~  bloating, pain and other digestive problems

~  cycling weight and hormone problems

~  peri-menopause and menopause

~  not sure what to eat or how to cook

~  trying to fit in with family meals

~  eating small amounts and still not losing weight

~  sugar cravings and pre-diabetes

~  thyroid, auto-immune or other health conditions

Uniquely tailored to you:

Treatments for individual health conditions will usually involve a combination of diet changes and herbal medicine.


This journey will be about so much more that just your weight. Discover what is holding you back from losing weight and put it behind you forever.

Learn how to change your body's 'set point' so that you won't put the weight back on!

If you love food, then you will love this weight loss journey because it's all about learning to be comfortable with food.

What are you waiting for? Do you feel that you will be happy once you lose weight? Are you planning to start living and having fun once you lose weight?

The future is yours to imagine. Let's work together to make some realistic plans. We will get you moving towards your dream future, starting today!


The best diet for you is the one that you can stick to!

It's time to ditch the fad diets and find a way to eat and exercise that you enjoy while maintaining a healthy weight.


I believe that weight loss is only sustainable if it fits into your lifestyle and becomes a habit. This is why you will:


~   learn how to listen to your body and understand it's needs

~   learn how to take 'rests' from dieting for better results!

~   focus on eating only real food, not powders or bars

~   discover how delicious real food can be!

~   set weekly goals to make gradual, sustainable changes

~   find a pattern of eating that supports your ongoing health

~   support emotions and gently challenge limiting thoughts

~   find exercise that you love!

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