I treat people with mild to moderate depression and anxiety because I believe that mental health problems can always be improved with holistic treatment.

Depression and anxiety are symptoms that something is wrong.

Depression or anxiety can be symptoms of something that is going wrong in your body, often as a response to diet choices and a stressful lifestyle.

If you are is experiencing anxiety, panic attacks or depression, there might be an underlying cause, such as:

~ digestive problems leading to poor absorption of nutrients

~ food intolerances (this is a big one)

~ sluggish liver from alcohol or drug use

~ gut bacteria imbalances

~ nutrient poor eating pattern 

~ chronic stress or trauma

~ prolonged insomnia

~ inflammation in your body

~ blood sugar disregulation

~ hypothyroid or other health conditions

Holistic Treatment

People with depression or anxiety might experience a combination of many of the above health problems. Each of these problems individually, or in combination, could be causing or worsening mental health symptoms.


A holistic treatment for mental health problems will involve working together to find an underlying cause for your symptoms.


Naturopathic treatment is unique to you and will possibly involve advice on how to use:

~ dietary changes to correct any nutritional deficiencies 

~ herbal medicine and supplements to support a healthy digestive system

~ herbal medicine to support healthy functioning of nervous system

~ nutritional supplements to support healthy body functions

~ flower essences for emotional support

~ meditation and relaxation

~ yoga or other exercise

Many people in our society now suffer from some sort of mental health issue at some point in their life. If this is you, I believe that natural therapies can be part of a comprehensive treatment to get you feeling energetic and well.

Workshop: Happiness starts in your gut

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What if I'm taking anti-depressants?

If you are currently taking anti-depressants or other medications, you may still feel that you need help with your health.

Natural medicine is gentle and supportive and will not interfere with your medication, however I always recommend that you let your doctor know that you are working with a naturopath, so that they can monitor your progress.

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