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Why don't we talk about menopause?

Recently I have noticed that menopause is not often talked about. Why is that?

Menopause is a natural transition stage from child bearing years to non-child bearing years. It occurs on average, at 51 years of age and it's something that all women experience.

In our youth-obsessed culture it takes courage for women to speak openly about their experiences and feelings about menopause. Why have we built a wall of silence around this important subject?

We should be able to talk about the changes and symptoms we experience with our friends, our family, our daughters, our bosses and our co-workers. Because what we are experiencing is normal! I feel that it is important that we open up this subject because too many women feel isolated, stressed and fearful during this natural transition time.

Some of the women I talk to during my menopause workshops have been turned away by their doctor who says they are 'too young' to be experiencing menopause. There seems to be a common misconception that women going through menopause must look old and wrinkly and past their prime.

As a naturopath specialising in natural treatments for menopause, I can reveal that most women experiencing menopause are fit and active, working full or part time and have children still living at home. Menopausal women are vital and beautiful and give a lot of themselves to their families and to their community.

The word I most often hear associated with menopause is 'embarrassing'. We are embarrassed to have a hot flush in a board meeting or while standing in the supermarket. We are embarrassed to be stripping off the layers on a winters day or overreacting to a comment made by a colleague.

If we can find the courage to talk about menopause then there will no need for millions of women to experience embarrassment. Let's start a conversation about menopause so that none of our sisters need to feel embarrassed or ashamed of what they are going through!

Help me to help other women have a more positive experience of menopause!

Simone xx

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