As we get older our nutritional needs change and prevention of disease becomes important.

Common health conditions for older people:

As we age, a range of chronic health conditions can set in due to our genetic predisposition and our lifestyle. Most of these conditions can be improved and/or managed using herbal medicine and dietary changes. These conditions include:

~  osteoporosis

~  heart disease, including high cholesterol and blood pressure

~  fatty liver disease

~  arthritis

~  cancer

~  dementia

~  diabetes and metabolic disease

Seniors health

Are you over 70 and wanting to improve your health? Maybe you have a number of health conditions and knowing how to manage them is starting to feel a bit complicated? Or maybe you are healthy and want some advice on how to stay that way?

I work with seniors with a variety of issues, such as:

improving a poor memory

diabetes control

reduction in pain from arthritis

relief from mild depression

improving energy

managing autoimmune disease

improving metabolic syndrome

maintaining and improving prostate health

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