A 30% discount applies for teenagers and university students from ages 13 to 22. The discount applies to the initial consultation fee.

High School years

Being the parent of a teenager can be a challenging time!


There is a lot of peer group pressure on teenagers to conform to what their peers are doing. At the same time, they are coming to terms with hormonal changes and dealing with aspects of self image.

I love to work with teenagers and help them to grow emotionally and physically strong through this period.

Uni students

If you're a uni student and you have a few health concerns that you want to discuss with someone, then I'm talking to you!

Have you been on medication for a while and you feel that it doesn't suit you?

Or do you feel like you're in a viscous cycle of stress, eating on the run, burning the candle at both ends, low energy and feeling less than your best? 

If you want to feel healthier, then come and talk to me. I offer a 30% discount to students with student cards up to the age of 22.

Help! My teenager is a vegetarian!

I have found it very common for teenagers to experiment with eating vegetarian food and vegan food. Done the right way, this can be a healthy diet choice for many.


I have also found that busy, stressed parents worry because they're not sure how to cook plant based food, nor do they understand the nutrition requirements of teenagers.  

I have designed a workshop to ensure parents of vegetarians and vegans have all the resources they need to support their teenagers with this dietary choice. For more details, see the workshops page.

Common teenage health concerns

Many parents look for alternatives to medication when their child needs some treatment. Others are told that there is nothing that can be done!

Is your child already on medication but you feel that there are still some areas of their health that need to be addressed? 

A naturopath can help to guide and advise you on how to treat any of the following very common issues:


~ anxiety and stress 

~ behavioural problems

~ acne

~ low mood

~ painful or irregular menstruation for teenage girls

~ clarification about healthy food choices

~ digestive problems, such as pain or bloating after eating

I offer a 30% discount off the first consultation for teenagers and students with student cards. Book now.

"Thanks so much for seeing my daughter! She thought the consultation was absolutely brilliant! She is excited about putting into practice all the things you talked about!"

Lisa, Bondi Beach, April 2018

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