Workshop: Women's holistic weight loss

At this workshop you will learn about the holistic and sustainable way I work with women who have been struggling to lose weight.

We will begin with a weight loss and wellness questionnaire to help you understand the areas that you could be focussing on to improve your weight loss results. The answers to these questions may surprise you.

In a supportive group of 8 women, begin to share and explore what might have held you back from losing weight in the past.


For some women, there has been stress or overwork, leading to overeating or not enough time for self care. For other women, there have been health conditions or injuries that have made weight loss difficult. For others, there might be the frustration of exercising often and eating very little, but still not being able to be the size they feel is right for them. 


There are no sustainable quick fixes to weight loss. Losing weight and keeping it off requires knowledge and understanding of your body and what changes you can make to be healthy.

What you will take home from the workshop:

~   Handouts and worksheets about sustainable weight loss

~   A deeper understanding of your body and why it might be holding onto weight

~   Individualised flower essence remedy to support emotional change

What else is included:

~  Afternoon tea

~  Sampling herbal tea for weight loss

~  A postcard to record your own goals and affirmations

Women's Holistic Weight Loss Program

At this workshop I will be launching a new 12 week, 6 month and 1 year Women's Holistic Weight Loss Packages.

Women who attend this workshop will have the opportunity to sign up to one of the packages with a 50% discount on the day of the workshop, saving $$$.

Cost of workshop:


Please note:

This workshop is suitable for women who are currently above their healthy weight range.

Location:  24 Punt Road, Gladesville

Date and time:

Saturday September 1, 2pm to 4pm

Bookings essential: Maximum number is 8

Contact me to book your place

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