Education about how to make wise food choices throughout the day can make a significant difference to how staff feel at work each day, how often they are sick, and their long term health.

Workplace wellness is becoming more important as employees are working longer hours and are under more stress.

The benefits of health and nutrition advice for staff:

~  improved energy and mental focus

~  improved resilience to illness

~  improved resilience to stress

~  happier, healthier workforce with a positive health focus

Tailoring to your needs:

Depending on your individual workplace, the number of staff and how interactive you would like the workshop to be, one of the following might suit your purposes:

~  'Learn at Lunch'      $350

Staff chose a topic, bring their lunch and listen or ask questions while they eat.

Workshop runs for 45 mins to 1 hour.

Informative, interactive, engaging and inspiring.

Ask me about corporate nutrition challenges for the competitive workplace!

~ Brekkie Session       $350

Usually run before work, this session is perfect for talking about the importance of breakfast for energy, resilience and dealing with stress.

Workshop runs for 45 mins to 1 hour.

Informative, interactive, engaging and inspiring.

~ 1/2 day seminar    from $700

A number of important topics will be covered with a focus on understanding the importance of nutrition and how it affects all areas of your health. Sessions can run from 2 to 3 hours.

Popular topics for corporate workshops:

~  eating for energy - avoiding the afternoon slump

~  eating for health

~  creating a wellness mindset

~  building immune system health and resilience against the flu

~  nutrition for stress management

~  change your food to change your mood

~  women's health

~~ Flyers are available for each of these topics ~~


Davenport Campbell & Partners, Pitt St., Sydney:

"Loved the talk and I found it inspiring to get me back to a healthy diet"

"The talk was awesome!"

"How good was the nutrition talk!!"

"I loved the information about stress and I will definitely be implementing that daily!"

"I thoroughly enjoyed the talk and learnt some key things that I could change in my day to day routine."

Simone Jeffries

B. Health Science (Naturopathy)

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