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Plants are the great healers of the earth. Herbal medicine has a long history of healing which is just as relevant today as it was in the past.

Herbal formulas are useful for many purposes such as rejuvenating the immune system, detoxification of the liver, enhancing sleep and relaxation. Herbs can also support brain, heart, kidney and reproductive health.

I prescribe herbs as liquid extracts. These medicines are made from fresh herbs and contain a complex array of nutrients. Herbal formulas are usually taken in small doses, morning and night, with water.

One of my special interests is developing formulas for women experiencing symptoms from periods, vaginal conditions, peri-menopause and menopause. 

Simone Jeffries experienced herbalist SydneyImage by Photoholgic Ginkgo biloba

I only use the highest grade, 'practitioner only' herbs in my liquid and tablet preparations. You are able to purchase these with an individualised prescription at my clinic.

How does HERBAL medicine work?

Plants manufacture chemicals within their leaves, roots, stems and flowers for the survival of the plant. These chemicals we refer to as "phytonutrients." When eaten by animals or humans, phytonutrients can contribute health giving benefits to the body: soothing and healing; strengthening and rejuvenating. 

Many drugs commonly prescribed today by western-style medicine make use of health giving substances that were discovered in plants. For instance, some diabetic medications were manufactured from plants that lower blood glucose and some pain-killing medications were made from plants with analgesic properties. 

trusted Herbalist Simone Jeffries Syndey Northern Beaches

What are the BENEFITS of herbal medicine?

There are many benefits of herbal medicine, however the 3 things I particularly love about prescribing herbal formulas are:

~   I can create an individualised formula for my clients that is completely unique and very specific for their particular conditions. 

~   We can address more than one health issue in the one formula eg digestion, anxiety and menstrual irregularity might all be addressed in one formula.

~  Unlike conventional medicines, the remedies I prepare are helping to heal the body, rather than suppress the symptoms of the condition.

Simone Jeffries Sydney Herbalist
How quickly do herbal remedies work? 

For acute conditions such as colds, flu and infections, herbal medicine can work quite quickly and simply. If you have been struggling to regain your health after a bad flu, it can help you feel better very quickly.

For chronic conditions that you may have had for 2 years or longer, I suggest that you may need to take herbs for approximately 1 month for every year that you have had the condition.

For older clients, looking to use herbs as preventative medicine, you can take the formulas either long term or intermittently throughout the year.

Herbal medicine trusted Sydney Naturopath Simone Jeffries
Other ways to take herbs

Most people get used to the unusual taste of herbal medicine quite quickly, however for those who prefer tablets, there are many different formulas that can be prescribed which can work just as well as liquids.

I also prescribe some herbs in the form of HERBAL TEA. Examples of herbal teas are sage tea for hot flushes, chamomile or ginger tea for calming the digestive system and lemon balm tea for relaxation.

If you are struggling with a skin condition, such as fungal infections, or vaginal dryness, it is also possible to apply the herbs in the form of a HERBAL CREAM.

Herbal tea Simone Jeffries trusted herbalist Manly

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