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At the initial consultation the most important thing is that we get to know each other and you feel comfortable sharing your health story with me. The more you can tell me about yourself and what you're experiencing, the more deeply I can help you.

Together, we will discuss: 


  • your health concerns and symptoms

  • the affect on your lifestyle caused by your ill health 

  • your eating habits (how, what and when you eat)

  • your everyday routines and stress levels

  • your energy levels

  • your health history

  • your hopes for your health 

I almost always prescribe herbal medicine at the first appointment, along with suggestions for nutritional changes. You will be emailed a comprehensive health plan following your consultation (more information below).

The herbal medicine is a short term prescription, which kicks off the healing process and helps you to feel well quite quickly. The cost of herbal medicine is additional to the consultation fee.

When you come to your initial consultation, please bring copies of any recent medical reports or pathology tests. I can help you to interpret blood test results such as iron levels, vitamin D, thyroid and liver function in terms of 'optimal' levels rather than 'normal' levels.

Simone Jeffries Sydney Naturopath


When necessary I recommend clients undergo functional testing. The tests I regularly recommend include:

GI Map - gut microbiome mapping

SIBO breath test - small intestinal bacterial overgrowth

OMX test - organic acids and metabolic markers

Vaginal microbiome - Nutripath

Juno Bio - vaginal microbiome

These tests often shine a light on a specific area of your health and add detail to the holistic picture of your health.

Seeing a NATUROPATH for the first time

When you come to see me as a client, it's not a one off visit.


I have found that sustainable health changes come from working with me over a series of weeks or months.

Our aim is to discover the underlying cause(s) for your health problem and to implement dietary and lifestyle changes that will support your body in self healing and repair.

It is true that naturopaths often focus on healing the gut during the first consultations because so many of our symptoms and diseases stem from poor digestive health.

I will work systematically over a series of follow up consultations to address the underlying cause of your health problems. 

How long it takes for you to feel 100% will depend on how long it has been since you were well. People with long term, chronic conditions should expect their healing journey to take more than 6 months.

Working with a Naturopath Sydney

I aim to help you feel

inspired, supported and empowered.


Your health plan is a comprehensive document that will summarise your health concerns and goals, and set out a time frame for achieving the goals.


The health plan will detail all the important points that we have covered in the initial consultation, including how and when to take herbal medicine or supplements.

The health plan contains individualised diet recommendations to begin your health journey that are specific to your health condition(s).


I may also recommend movement, sunshine, flower essences and/or relaxation techniques. Whatever is best to support your healing. The health plan is included in the cost of the initial consultation.

Sydney Nutritionist

I am dedicated to a nutritional or 'food is medicine' approach to healing, so dietary changes will always be my long term goal for you, with supplementation of nutrients only when absolutely necessary to fill any existing deficiencies. 

Follow-up Consultations 

Each follow-up is a shorter consultation, to review your progress and plan for the next stage of your sustainable health journey. 

Follow up consultations may be 30, 45 or 60 minutes depending on what we have to discuss.


We will discuss and bring your health plan to life at the beginning of this appointment, to ensure that it is achievable, inspiring and sustainable for you.


If you are struggling with any aspect of the health plan, or you are finding it difficult to understand, we will work together until we have something that you are excited and confident about.

Dietary and exercises changes can be difficult if you're busy and not feeling well. I check in with you regularly to offer practical tips and ideas so that we can ease the changes into your busy lifestyle.

Working with SIMONE

"I started working with Simone in January 2017. I had problems with my menstrual cycle, which was too short and very heavy and I also had chronic constipation, bloating, low iron, thyroid issues and very low energy levels.

Simone got me started on a herbal formula, supplements, and changes to my diet. We set a goal to fix as much as we could in 12 months.

After 2 weeks I was feeling much better and within 3 months I had a blood test which showed that my levels were within normal range (first time since 2010). Iron levels normal. Thyroid in normal range. Bloating and constipation completely gone. Energy levels rising as each month goes by.

If someone told me this was possible, I wouldn't have believed them. Yes - the changes to my diet have been a challenge but Simone guides you with sensible, practical solutions to make it as easy as she possibly can. 

Menopause Sydney Naturopath

I continue to see Simone on a regular basis.

I feel better than I could have dreamed possible."  

Tracey H., Ryde 

"The best thing I've done for my health in years. Thank you Simone!" Carol D, Lane Cove

Bouquet of Flowers

Work with me to discover your ultimate health

Please read the TERMS OF SERVICE carefully before booking your consultation.

Image by Ryan Moreno

Initial consultation
Monday 10am to 5pm
Wednesday 8am to 4


Face to face 4A Eustace St. Manly.

or online via Telehealth Australia Wide


Image by Ryan Moreno

Follow up
Monday 10am to 6pm
Wednesday 8am to 3pm
Thursday 8am to 4pm

Face to face 4A Eustace St. Manly.

Or online via Telehealth Australia wide.

$175 45 minutes

$120  30 minutes

Cancellations and rescheduling policy

I understand that it is sometimes necessary to change your appointment.


You may cancel or reschedule your appointment at any time up to 48 hours before your consultation.

However, please note that a cancellation and rescheduling fee of 50% applies to all cancellations and rescheduling within 48 hours of your scheduled appointment.

100% cancellation fee applies if you don't turn up to your appointment.

Health Fund Rebate

Unfortunately all health funds ceased to give rebates for naturopathic consultations on 1st April 2019.

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