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I firmly believe in the healing benefits of delicious whole foods. For maximum health benefits, food must ideally be:

fresh, local and seasonal

organically grown

beneficial for your unique biochemistry and life stage


FOOD IS MEDICINE. Food is nourishment

WHOLE FOOD nutrition

When I talk about whole food nutrition, I'm talking about the amazing health benefits that come from eating fresh food that hasn't been processed.

A whole food diet can literally help you to feel whole. Food can be used as medicine to increase your energy, improve your mood, soothe digestion, heal hormonal problems and prevent disease.

I'm a cook and a nutritionist and I can help you to understand which foods are best for your health and how to cook and eat them.


If you can't cook, no problem, I can help you discover how to prepare delicious and nutritious meals for yourself and your family. 

whole foods nutrition Simone Jeffries Manly Naturopath
Family Nutrition Simone Jeffries Naturopath Sydney
Babies and Children

Babies and children have specific needs to help them grow and stay healthy. Breastfeeding, the introduction of solid foods and dealing with fussy eaters are important nutritional phases in a young child's life.

Today's children eat many processed and packaged items that our grandparent's wouldn't even recognise as food. Processed foods contain additives and preservatives and are lacking in fresh ingredients. Children with allergies, asthma and ADHD can all benefit from tailored nutritional advice. 

Womens Health Naturopath Sydney Northern Beaches

There is a lot of pressure on today's teens to look good and fit in. Sometimes this leads to poor eating choices, or choosing particular eating styles such as vegan, for which their only nutritional advice is via social media.


Teenagers need particular nutrients to help them with healthy hormone development, sport, exam stress and common issues such as acne. 

womens health Sydney Naturopath Manly

Women can have different challenges throughout these years. Many adult women feel overweight, stressed, depressed or just not at their best. Is this you? I can help!


Getting your nutritional requirements correct at this stage can help you to stay vital, happy and energetic and set you up for an easier transition into senior years. 

Simone Jeffries Nutritionist, Sydney

As we age, nutrition becomes even more important to maintain healthy digestive system function and prevent diseases related to malnourishment, such as osteoporosis, dementia and arthritis.


Older people often eat less than what they did when they were younger, so it is essential that their foods are nutrient dense and tailored to their needs. 

Sydney Naturopath food choices for womens health

"You are what you eat" is something that we often hear but don't realise that it is quite true. If your diet does not provide the nutrients for healthy cell regeneration then you may be unable to produce cells that function normally. This leads to disease. 

Anyone suffering from any form of disease should seek nutritional advice. Sometimes supplementation is necessary to kickstart a change in disease state and dietary changes can be prescribed to support good health.

Gluten free diet Simone Jeffries Naturopath, Sydney

It is sometimes necessary for people with special health concerns, auto-immune conditions or food intolerances to modify their diets to exclude certain foods.


I work with people to discover which foods are affecting their health.Some people will do better to eliminate these foods forever. However other people can heal their bodies by taking a rest from those foods, healing their gut, and learning about other foods that are beneficial for them.


Many people test negative for Coeliac Disease but still find that eating wheat and gluten makes them feel awful. A number of things could cause this reaction including a food intolerance, low levels of stomach acid, IBS or SIBO. This can be addressed with dietary changes and herbal medicine to reduce the reactivity of your gut and immune system. 

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