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Professional mentoring for students and practitioners
Simone Jeffries B. Health Science (Naturopathy)

I have a decade of clinical naturopathy experience particularly focused on perimenopause. I also have my own recent experience of transitioning through perimenopause naturally, using only herbs and diet changes to manage the symptoms.

It's my passion to help women in perimenopause to thrive.

You may want to learn more about the hormonal shifts during the ages of 40 to 55 and the symptoms that are likely to appear.

There are many symptoms that can fall under the umbrella of perimenopause:

  • irregular periods

  • worse PMS, anxiety, mood swings, rage

  • period pain, worsening of endometriosis

  • menstrual migraines 

  • heavy periods, flooding, fibroids

  • vaginal changes, infections, urinary tract infections

  • itching, hives, histamine intolerance

  • reflux, bloating

  • weight changes

Discuss your case with me to understand

  • what questions to ask your clients

  • what to look out for

  • herbal medicine ideas 

  • suitable supplements 

  • diet changes and

  • lifestyle adjustments

that might be suitable for your client.

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Work with me to understand the phases of perimenopause and what symptoms to expect, even if your client is undergoing hormonal treatment or has had a hysterectomy.

Pricing: $125 for 30 minutes

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All mentoring sessions are conducted online. You will receive a link at the time of booking.

Preparing for your mentoring session:

Please write a 1 page summary or draw a mind map and email it to me 3 days before the mentoring session.

Terms of service

All information discussed in mentoring is based on clinical experience, personal research and current understanding.

The mentoring is a discussion and brainstorming between two professionals. Any advice offered will need to be assessed by you, the primary clinician, as being suitable before implementing, based on your understanding of the case.

As the clients are not assigned to me, I am not liable for any part of their care.  

You are to follow up on information provided in mentoring and assess suitability for your client.

It is recommended that you seek client consent to discuss their de-identified case with a mentor.

All mentoring sessions are confidential and confined to the Simone Jeffries and the mentee.

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