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I love helping women of all ages to improve all aspects of their health. I see many women who are juggling very hectic lifestyles, are weighed down by responsibilities, and have no time to consider their own health.

I enjoy teaching women how to tune in and listen to what their body is saying. Symptoms are the way our body tells us that something is wrong. I believe that women benefit from accepting and loving the way their body is today, and then gently nourishing it back to full health.

Our medical system teaches us that women require frequent medical care, testing and pharmaceuticals to stay healthy and pain free.


Your menstrual cycle is an important indicator of your overall health. We have come to accept that it's normal for menstruation, reproduction and menopause to be accompanied by pain or problems. This is not the case!

Menstrual problems

I recommend nutrition, lifestyle changes and herbal medicine, to greatly improve your experience of your monthly menstrual cycle.

Premenstrual Syndrome 

Many women suffer unnecessarily from bloating, pain, sugar cravings and mood fluctuations as part of their monthly cycle.

PMS, migraines and headaches are not something that must be endured month after month and they respond well to dietary changes and herbal treatments. The herbs used to treat PMS can regulate hormones, treat cramping and pain, and lift mood.

Irregular menstruation 


Some women also experience irregular cycles, extremely heavy bleeding, or have been diagnosed with PCOS or endometriosis.

With each of these problems, there will be a treatment that will suit you best. It may be different to the treatment someone else receives for a similar issue, because of individual variations.

Missing or infrequent periods can be a symptom of a problem such as polycystic ovaries, or it could be a reaction to your busy lifestyle. Herbal medicines are very effective at regulating and gently encouraging a regular cycle. 

Heavy periods, flooding and clotting can become an issue, and there are various reasons for it, such as thyroid function, stress, excess oestrogen, low iron levels, and peri-menopause. I will work with you to uncover which is most likely for you.


Depending on the cause of your bleeding, many different herbs can be used to decrease heavy bleeding and get you back to a regular flow. Nutritional supplements and dietary changes will be part of the solution as well. I have found that most women's periods respond quickly to this type of gentle treatment.

The aim of any treatment is to achieve a regular cycle, free from pain and mood changes. 


A diagnosis of Polycystic ovaries is more common than you might expect. It is also something that can be reversed with dietary changes and herbal medicines. 

PCOS responds well to herbs that balance and regulate the menstrual cycle. Blood sugar regulation and/or adrenal health are often part of the PCOS health picture. 


Herbal medicine, in conjunction with diet and nutritional supplements, can balance blood sugar regulation and improve ovulation.

Urinary Tract Infections

Herbal medicine is an excellent alternative to antibiotics if you are experiencing a urinary tract infection.

Cranberry is a well known and widely accepted herb, which has been found to increase acidity in the urinary tract and discourage the growth of bacteria.

I combine a therapeutic dose of cranberry with other soothing and anti-bacterial herbs, to tone the bladder and fight infections. These herbs are very effective and don't upset healthy gut bacteria, as antibiotics can do. 

Lifestyle changes to combat frequent urinary tract infections will also be recommended.

Other problems responding well to naturopathic treatment:

Working with me:

I have found from experience that the best improvements in your health can happen when you work with me consistently over several weeks.

That's why I've put together a 14 week

Women's Wellness Program

featuring 5 consultations for the price of 4.

Female health:

Candida, thrush, bacterial vaginosis


STI's, genital herpes

Menopause and peri-menopause


Digestive conditions:

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

Heartburn, bloating and reflux

SIBO (small intestinal bowel overgrowth)

Constipation or diarrhoea

Low iron levels


Mood and energy:

Low mood, mild depression


Stress and anxiety

Lack of energy, fatigue, burn out

Poor memory, brain fog


Metabolic syndrome and healthy ageing

Heart health, blood pressure, cholesterol

Fatty liver disease

Auto-immune and chronic conditions

Diabetes and insulin resistance

Concerns about healthy ageing


It is not at all unusual for women to experience a number of different health problems and struggle to know what to deal with first. This is one of the strengths of naturopathy because a holistic treatment can deal with most, or all, at the same time.

We will be strategic about working with the most problematic or underlying health problem, as your body will start to respond in many positive ways.


I will teach you how one health problem can cause another, how to know when you need treatment, and how and why dietary changes can have an affect in many areas of your health.

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