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How a naturopath can help you

As a naturopath I understand that the ill health you are experiencing today is a result of complex physical, dietary, mental, emotional and environmental factors. It is not something that can be fixed quickly with a tablet or a prescription. Healing takes time, understanding, and space. 

If you have found your way into my clinic it is because you don't want to take medications and you want long term natural solutions. You've come to the right place!


My role is to listen to what you're experiencing and guide you towards an understanding of how your body works and what you need for optimal health. Sometimes you might only need a gentle nudge to get you back on the path to health such as reminder to eat a healthy breakfast.


I work with you to discover the underlying cause of your illness and will help your body to adapt, recover and heal itself.

I use many types of therapies in my practice depending on what is most relevant to your unique health picture.


The following are fundamental to the way I practice naturopathy:​

Simone Jeffries how to find the best Naturopath and Herbalist

As an important backdrop to the therapeutic work I do with my clients is the concept of honouring the cycles of nature. I love to support women to work with natural cycles to maintain their health long term.

Night and day, the lunar cycle, the menstrual cycle and the seasons of the year have a subtle yet important influence on our physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

When we are out of sync with the seasons and the daily rhythm of nature we can experience stress, depression, insomnia, weight gain and chronic disease.

For me, the idea of using the rhythms of nature as a tool for wellbeing isn't a wishy washy or hippie idea.


The rhythm of natural cycles offers us a structure within which we can plan and order our daily and seasonal activities so they become sustainable healthy habits.

Womens Health Naturopath Image by Kitera Dent

The menstrual cycle is one of the primary markers of good health. I love to help women to embrace their menstrual cycle as a tool for nurturing good habits around eating and exercising, resting and self-care.

For women who no longer menstruate, I can show you how to use the lunar cycle and the changing seasons to develop a structure for long term great health.

Herbal medicine for digestion naturopath herbalist herbalism Sydney Northern Beaches

HERBAL Medicine

Herbal medicine is an ancient art and science, which in modern times has also become known as phytotherapy. Herbal medicine makes use of complex plant extracts to gently support and encourage healing in the body.


The most well-known form of herbal medicine is herbal tea, however I will mostly prescribe herbs in the form of tablets or liquid formulas which have been designed for your individual requirements.


Herbal medicine is a passion for me, born out of a love of growing and cooking with herbs. 


Learn more about herbal medicine.

Healthy Diet Simone Jeffries experienced naturopath Sydney Northern Beaches

'Food as medicine' is a very old concept that is relevant today. The body requires many macro and micro nutrients for optimum functioning. These nutrients are found in our food. 

As a foodie myself, I am dedicated to a whole food approach to healing and will always recommend dietary changes for any deficiencies. I love nothing better than talking about cooking and recommending recipes and delicious food combining ideas to clients.

Nutrition can also be prescribed in the form of supplementation when necessary. 

Learn more about nutritional requirements throughout the lifespan.


Not all naturopaths are wellness coaches.


After working as a naturopath for a number of years, I studied with Wellness Coaching Australia to become a certified coach.

I feel it so very important to integrate good advice with support, encouragement and goal setting. This helps you make positive and sustainable change to your health.


For me, wellness coaching is what helps me to put 'sustainability' into practice. I love guiding and supporting you to make changes in ways that are easiest and most applicable to you and your lifestyle. It's a joy for me to see my clients be able to embrace changes that once seemed impossible.

Health mentoring for young and older women is a joyful part of my naturopathic practice.

Learn more about health coaching

Simone Jeffries accredited wellness coach Wellness Coaching Australia
FLOWER Essences
Flower essences Simone Jeffries Sydney Naturopath

Flower essences are a wonderful way to gently work through emotional issues. Flower essences help us to get in touch with our own intuition about our lives, health, desires and abilities. 

Flower essences can energetically correct underlying emotional issues and foster happiness, courage, strength, wisdom and love. 

I love to support my clients in this way and see emotional shifts that make way for positive changes in health.

 Learn more about flower essences and who they can benefit.

Functional TESTING

Approximately 30% of my clients arrive with complex or long term digestive and hormonal conditions that can benefit from functional testing.


Endometriosis, Hashimoto's disease and other autoimmune conditions are examples of when this testing might be recommended.


Functional testing is not covered by Medicare, so I recommend it only when I believe it can shine a light on a particular area of your health picture.

The tests I might recommend include:

GI Map - gut microbiome mapping

SIBO breath test - small intestinal bacterial overgrowth

DUTCH test - dried urine test for hormones

OAT organic acid test

functional digestive testing Simone Jeffries Naturopath

I love working through lab reports and assessing them alongside the symptoms you have and your health story.

These test results can add rich detail and information to explain your symptoms and inform the direction of our treatment plan.

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