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supporting the health of your vagina and vulva

I love to work with women to improve all manner of vaginal, vulval and sexual health problems because I understand the impacts on your self esteem and enjoyment of life.

This is an under researched area of women's health and you might feel that it's hard to find good help or support for your vaginal or vulval condition.

I have met too many young women who are impacted by recurring vaginal infections. It breaks my heart to witness your loss of confidence as a woman, and in sexual relationships.

Have you been told that you need medication for years? Or for the rest of your life?

You're not alone.

Let me help you gain in health and confidence by using herbs and food as medicine.

Let me help you to understand your vagina and it's close relationship to your menstrual cycle.

The vagina contains it's own unique microbiome, which is a balance of bacteria, viruses and fungi. The balance of microbes in the vagina is important for vaginal health.

Many of the common vaginal conditions can be improved by working to balance the vaginal microbiome.

Your vaginal microbiome changes with fluctuations in hormones and is also impacted by diet, hormonal contraceptives, sex, hygiene, and what we put into our vaginas such as tampons, soaps, lubricants and condoms.

A healthy microbiome can protect against:

~ Urinary tract infections 

~ Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) 

~ Candida (thrush)

~ Genital herpes 

~ HPV and other sexually transmitted infections

The vaginal microbiome can also influence fertility and healthy pregnancy.

Vaginal problems Sydney Naturopath

finding the root cause of VAGINAL INFECTIONS

Do you have vaginal discharge, pain, a burning sensation or itching? Does the odour of your vagina bother you?

Do you have recurring genital herpes or HPV that won't clear?

Research in this area shows that there are a range of factors that can unbalance your vaginal microbiome and make you more prone to infections and vaginal disturbance.

Hormones, smoking, diet, alcohol, sex, condoms and lubricants are all factors that can affect your vaginal microbiome.

I can support you to break the cycle by adjusting and modifying your risk factors, while supporting you with natural remedies in the form of:

herbal medicines

specific probiotics

diet changes

to support the health of your vaginal microbiome.

BV bacterial vaginosis naturopath ManlyImage by Mathilde Langevin

Working to support your vaginal microbiome and reduce risk factors for vaginal conditions can take a few months.


I will support you to make these changes and you will be so pleased when you have achieved your goal of a healthy vagina! 

Urinary Tract Infections UTI

Are you stuck in a cycle of urinary tract infections treated by antibiotics that then causes Candida or BV? If you are, you're certainly not alone.


Chronic urinary tract infections is a complaint I hear from many women.

The problem with conventional treatments for UTI is that they don't address the underlying cause of the problem. the bacteria may be embedded or protected by biofilm.

Herbal medicine is an excellent alternative to antibiotics if you are experiencing a urinary tract infection. Herbal remedies can break the cycle of vaginal discharge problems following UTI's because the herbs don't interfere with your vaginal microbiome.

Unbalanced vaginal microbiome and fluctuating levels of estrogen throughout your cycle can put you at risk of more frequent or recurring UTI's.

UTI urinary tract infection experienced naturopath Simone Jeffries

I recommend a therapeutic dose of soothing and anti-bacterial herbs, to tone the bladder and fight infections without disrupting the microbiome.

Work with me to uncover the root cause of your chronic UTI's.


I will support you with practical lifestyle and dietary changes, as well as probiotics to combat recurring urinary tract infections.

Menopause vagina and vulval health

After menopause your ovaries are no longer producing estrogen and as a result you might experience vaginal dryness, loss of lubrication and thinning of the vaginal lining causing discomfort, and pain with sex. 

Vaginal atrophy can be influenced by oral and topical herbal remedies, diet changes, probiotics, moisturisers and lubricants. I have tips and tricks to support the pH of your vagina and your overall postmenopausal sexual health.

If you are post menopause you might have also found that you can be more prone to urinary tract infections and vulval irritation.

Two painful vulval conditions after menopause are dermatitis and lichen sclerosis. These conditions must be diagnosed by a doctor before consulting your naturopath.

dry vagina menopause Simone Jeffries Naturopath Sydney

Do you find that you have more time and self awareness to enjoy a fulfilling sex life, but are frustrated by lower libido and painful vaginal conditions?

Don't feel shy. This is a topic that I've talked to hundreds of women about!

perimenopause vagina Sydney Naturopath

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Do you feel like your sex drive is not what you'd like it to be? Have you lost the motivation to have sex?

Libido is different for everyone. There is no right or wrong when it comes the amount of sex you want to have. Many people experience surges and dips in their libido throughout their lives and this is normal.

I often get asked about libido in clinic, especially when I work with women raising a young family, or women transitioning through menopause.

I see libido as being on a sliding scale. The more factors that are reducing your libido, the more likely it is that you won't feel like sex. 


Could you be:


  • busy or stressed 

  • dealing with a major health concern

  • reassessing the type of sex/partner/issues within a current relationship

  • dealing with STI's, or vaginal discharge

  • smoking, or over consuming alcohol

  • taking medication 

  • living with unresolved trauma

  • undergoing hormonal change

  • lacking in energy and vitality

  • experiencing poor sleep

  • feeling overweight/flat/bored/low self esteem

  • not exercising, eating a poor diet

  • affected by cultural programming about ageing

  • finding sex painful or experiencing vaginal dryness

low libido Sydney northern beaches naturopath

I can support your libido in several ways:

Uncover the underlying reason(s) for your low libido:

Support hormones, stress management and cardiovascular health with herbal medicine.

Support emotional factors with flower essences and/or recommend counselling


Support everyday wellbeing and vitality through a food as medicine approach.

Balance vaginal microbiome to eliminate problems with vaginal discharge or odour

Support the integrity of the tissue within the vagina to ensure that sex is not painful.

Take action

You're in the right place if you want to:

~ break the cycle of vaginal infections and reliance on medications

~ understand how to support your vaginal health naturally

~ take a holistic long term approach to your vaginal and sexual health

~ book your appointment

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