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A program for women who want to

grow and flourish

in perimenopause

Thrive is a course for women over 40

Face to face or online

Includes consultations, masterclass videos, menopause survival toolkit

perimenopause women naturopath course

you're craving a natural perimenopause

you've always looked after your health and you eat well

you manage your health as naturally as possible, avoiding medications

deep down you know that hormone replacement is not for you

you've worked hard - you're at the stage in life that you deserve to be flourishing


the hormone changes in perimenopause are tough

you're stuck in a downward spiral

you're worried that you're turning into someone who's cranky and irritable all the time

the people who love you the most don't recognise the person you're becoming

your confidence has taken a hit

you're resisting medication because you know it will only mask the symptoms

you're desperate for direction from someone who's been there


Herbal medicine in perimenopause naturopath program

How can you be sure it's perimenopause
making you feel this way?

you're over 40

your premenstrual symptoms may be worse; you're crankier and moodier 

your periods may be heavier, making work and life challenging

or your periods might be lighter and less regular

you're not sleeping - you wake feeling exhausted

you're finding it hard to keep a lid on your anxiety

you struggle with brain fog - it's affecting your work and stress levels

menstrual migraines are hitting harder and lasting longer

you can't enjoy a glass of wine without getting hot flushes

you're putting on weight even though you're eating the same things

Picture yourself 

trusting your body 

confident to chase your goals

waking refreshed

enjoying family and leisure time

happy and confident about managing hormone changes with ease and grace

trusting your food choices

having the energy to really THRIVE

Thrive in Perimneopause Naturopath Program
Perimenopause sage naturopath program Image by Babette Landmesser

What women are saying:

"Hi Simone,


Just wanted to give you feedback that the latest herbs you mixed up for me are AMAZING. I have felt so much clearer mentally the past two weeks than I have in months and months.


I think your little bush flower remedy is working also because I don't feel quite as directionless. 

I always saw money and career opportunities as something that I have to work super hard for, but now I'm seeing that this might just be a belief that I was raised with, and that maybe some things in life can actually be easier (or even easy)."

Tanya, business owner, Sydney


perimenopause symptoms naturopath program


experienced naturopath perimenopause

Before I engaged with Simone, I was feeling helpless and hopeless. I had seen numerous GPs, a couple of gynaecologists and one naturopath about significant PMDD and other symptoms I had been experiencing for over 4-5 years.


I was told by two GPs that I would just have to learn to live with the symptoms.


My quality of life continued to deteriorate, impacting my work and personal life. I would wake up most days struggling to find energy, feeling no joy or pleasure in things, hating my body – the complete opposite to how I had felt in my 30s and early 40s.

The hidden cost of perimenopause

Why am I so passionate about helping women THRIVE in perimenopause?

Because these statistics make me mad!

"Recent research conducted by the Australian Institute of Superannuation Trustees found 45 per cent of women under 55 years were retiring early due to sickness, injury or disability, costing a woman on the average wage more than $500,000 in lost earnings and more than $50,000 in superannuation."

Investment Magazine, January 2023

TUESDAY MAY 30, 2023: New data published today by health fund, HCF, has revealed more than 70% of Australian women aged 45 and over do not feel well informed or prepared for menopause.

“Our research clearly shows women are still not feeling well informed, educated or prepared for the changes they might experience during perimenopause and menopause."

HCF report "Managing menopause"

perimenopause natural program herbal hot flushes

"Women going through the menopausal transition are at a higher risk of mood changes and symptoms of depression and anxiety."

Fact sheet: menopause and mental health

Australian Menopause Society

Herbal medicine for perimenopause Image by Luca Volpe

The benefit of Thrive

When you work with me, we will discuss


your personal experience of perimenopause


you're unique and you deserve a unique style of treatment

No two women experience perimenopause the same way. Even your mum and sisters will have different experiences. Have you tried following advice from an online group? Tried a treatment recommended by a friend? Followed expert recipes in a magazine?

The reason these treatments don't work for you the way they worked for someone else is because you are different and will experience perimenopause differently.

Your experience is different because of your 

  • genetics

  • lifestyle

  • work and family commitments, busyness

  • daily eating habits (this is a big one!)

  • exercise (are you fast paced, moderate or sedentary)

  • weight (fat cells produce estrogen!)

  • metabolism (energy metabolism and estrogen metabolism)

  • health history (previous surgeries, allergies, hormone or IVF treatments)

  • stress levels (work, family, money, past trauma)

  • gut bacteria (did you know we have an estrobiome?)

  • other health conditions (thyroid, diabetes, endometriosis, fatty liver disease)

During the course of our time together you will be able to work out how to modify your diet and lifestyle to make a remarkable difference to how you feel.


You will learn about the pattern that perimenopause takes and what to expect over the coming months and years.

Image by Anne Nygård

It's YOUR time to THRIVE!

How this program works:

THRIVE runs for 8 weeks and aims to create several tool boxes for you to dip into when you need them most:

3 individual consultions 

(because that's about the right amount of individual consultations to help you see big changes)

  • 1 initial consultation in week 1 or 2

  • 2 follow up consultations in week 4 and 8

8 watch at home videos about perimenopause

(so you can fit them into your busy life at a time that suits you)

Thrive in perimenopause naturopath program
thrive in perimenopause naturopath program

The seasons of perimenopause

Herbal medicine in perimenopauseImage by Lisa Px
thrive in perimneopause program herbal formula

Herbal medicine

food is medicine naturopath perimenopause program
thrive in perimneopause food is medicine program

Food is medicine

mental health in perimenopause naturopath prgram
emotional health perimenopause naturopath program

Mental and emotional health

vagina care perimenopause naturopath program
vaginal care perimenopause naturopath course

Vagina care

libido and perimenopause naturopath course
sexual health perimenopause naturopath program

Libido and sexual health

weight gain in perimenopause naturopath course
weight loss in perimenopause naturopath program

Weight gain

thriving in perimenopause a natruopathic course
healthy habits in perimenopause a naturopath program


You will also receive your personalised 

perimenopause survival kit:

Individualised herbal medicine

nutritional supplement

to last for 10 to 12 weeks

Simone Jeffries Naturopath Thriving in perimenopause program

Hi! I'm Simone Jeffries

a lover of nature and all things natural

I am a naturopath, herbalist, nutritionist and a health coach.

I have a special interest in mentoring women to use food and herbs to

manage health conditions

feel amazing

and thrive!


I have spoken to many hundreds of peri-menopausal women over the past decade. And I know we all want the same thing!

We want to feel alive. We want to reclaim our vitality and thrive through our 40s and 50s.

the world needs you


It's important to me that you can use your unique talents. To let your light shine without perimenopause stealing your confidence and energy.

Let me help you

When you work with me you benefit from my many years of

problem solving

planning and strategy

lived experience of a natural menopause

my passion for herbal medicine and whole food therapy

wellness coaching and mentoring experience


10% off herbal medicine, flower essences and supplements for 3 months after the program finishes if ordering repeats

Tracy's experience

experienced caring perimenopause naturopath

Within a week of trying Simone's suggestions I noticed a huge change - no bloating, feeling lighter, less irritable and less hot flushes.

6 weeks later I have no headaches, no migraines, no hot flushes or night sweats and a better nights sleep. I also have less brain fog, more energy and I've lost a few kilos.

My heartfelt thanks are with Simone for her care and listening and gentle guidance. I would strongly recommend Simone.

Tracy C, Doonside, 2021

I know that you're here to live a vibrant and colourful life!

Let me help you to be your healthiest self.

Thrive in perimenopause naturopathic program Sydney


17th JUNE 2024


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