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Quick Perimenopause consultation
your herbal formulation in15 minutes

This is a NEW type of consultation

Designed for the busy woman over 40

quick perimenopause naturopath consutlation sydney

I have been working with women in perimenopause for a decade and I know how busy you are!

This consultation is a QUICK 15 minutes - designed to fit into your busy lifestyle.

This consultation type is for you if:


  • you are time poor and can't find a full 1 hour for the initial consultation

  • you would really love to try a herbal formula designed especially for you

  • you can't stretch your budget for a full consultation at the moment

  • you are curious about herbal medicine and willing to trying a natural approach to perimenopause

  • you want to say goodbye to your perimenopause symptoms

  • you've tried over the counter herbal remedies but they don't quite give you the results you were hoping for

  • you've seen me before and you want a quick update to your herbal formula

How it works

  • Book your time slot for your 15 minute appointment

  • You will receive a confirmation email for your consultation with a comprehensive questionnaire

  • You MUST fill out the questionnaire - this tells me exactly where you need the most help

  • Your quick appointment will fine tune and hone in on the very best combination of herbal medicine for you

  • Your herbal formula will be dispensed by Jo's Herbadashery at Brookvale in NSW

  • The cost of the herbal formula is additional and paid directly to The Herbadashery

  • You save $185 off the full consultation fee

This appointment type is not for you if:


  • You have a complicated health history

  • You have a history of breast cancer or other female reproductive cancer

  • You are on 2 or more medications

  • You've had a partial hysterectomy

  • You know you are sensitive or highly reactive to new types of therapies

  • You're younger than 42

  • You want to discuss conditions unrelated to perimenopause

  • You are seeking additional dietary or lifestyle recommendations

If any of the above points are applicable to you, I'd still love to work with you! However a full initial consultation is more appropriate for the level of care you require.

What are you waiting for?

Please read the TERMS OF SERVICE carefully before booking your consultation.

Simone Jeffries Naturopath consultation face to face and online

book consultation

Monday 10am to 5pm
Wednesday 8am to 4pm

Thursday 8am to 4pm

Face to face at

4A Eustace St  Manly, Sydney.

Or online via Telehealth Australia wide


QUICK Perimenopause

Customer feedback

perimenopause trusted naturopath experienced results Simone Jeffries

After having hot flushes multiple times per day for over 4 years, and trying many different types of over the counter medications from the chemists to no avail, I saw Simone. Simone prescribed a herbal extract for my ailments and I saw a noticeable difference within two weeks. 


I still have occasional hot flushes, but they are a lot less frequent and much shorter in duration (a minute or two). I was very happily surprised that within such a short period of time (two weeks), the results were astounding, especially considering I've had the hot flushes for over 4 years.

I would highly recommend anyone experiencing hot flushes to see Simone straight away. I no longer suffer as I used to. 

Cynthia, Lower North Shore 2020.

I highly recommend Simone for her caring, compassionate and integrative approach to women's health and well-being. 

I had tried many avenues for perimenopause symptoms, including GP, but found no long term success and support. Within a week of trying Simone's suggestionsI noticed a huge change - no bloating, feeling lighter, less irritable and no hot flushes.

6 weeks later I have had no headaches, no migraines, no hot flushes or night sweats, and a better nights sleep.

I also feel less brain fog, more energy and I have lost a few kilos of weight.

perimenopause brain fog naturopath sydney northern beaches

My heartfelt thanks are with Simone for her care and listening and gentle guidance. Again, I would strongly recommend Simone.

Tracy, North Western Sydney, 2021

Cancellations and rescheduling policy

I understand that it is sometimes necessary to change your appointment.


You may cancel or reschedule your appointment at any time up to 48 hours before your consultation.

However, please note that a cancellation and rescheduling fee of 50% applies to all cancellations and rescheduling within 48 hours of your scheduled appointment.

100% cancellation fee applies if you don't turn up to your appointment.

Health Fund Rebate

Unfortunately all health funds ceased to give rebates for naturopathic consultations on 1st April 2019.

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