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Vaginal health for women over 40

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Empower yourself with this program on vaginal health for women aged 40 to 55. Learn how the hormonal changes of perimenopause can affect your vagina. This self paced course includes an individual consultation to personalise the information to you. Feel confident to understand why the changes in your vagina are happening and how to manage them. Explore topics such as Candida, Bacterial Vaginosis, Aerobic Vaginosis, Lichen Sclerosus, vaginal dryness, and supporting your vaginal microbiome. With a focus on a holistic approach and self-care practices, you will learn how to maintain your vagina for comfort and emotional wellbeing. Includes 2 videos to explain the hormone changes and vaginal changes. Includes 1 x 45 minute consultation, 1 x health plan. Join me on this empowering journey to prioritise your vaginal health today.




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