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health coaching with Simone Jeffries Naturopath Sydneys Northern. Beaches

Health Coaching

Health coaching for wellness, disease prevention and longevity


Health Coaching

One of the best aspects of being a naturopath is coaching people towards an understanding of how to take charge of their health by putting into practice a few simple daily changes.

I can help you to cut through the confusion to work out which foods are best for your body to support

  • liver health

  • skin health

  • energy levels

  • gut microbiome and digestion

  • brain and cognition

  • bone health

  • blood glucose regulation

  • cardiovascular health

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The benefits of working with Simone

Health coaching is for anyone who feels stuck in a rut and wants help to make dietary and lifestyle changes.

Do you feel like you're not sure what advice to follow?

Tried following a diet but not feeling better?

Doctor has advised you to make changes but you're not sure how to do it?

As a naturopath, I can look help you understand which aspects of your health you're able to modify with diet and lifestyle changes. I do this by combining a naturopathic interpretation of your health story with modern functional testing.

Being a nutritionist means that I can help you make decisions  about which foods are best for your body, and guide you towards healthful eating.

As a wellness coach I can help you make REAL changes that are both achievable and sustainable.

Good health begins in your gut

Your digestive health is fundamental to your overall wellbeing. Without a healthy gut, you can't digest food or absorb the nutrients you need for vitality.

Research into gut microbiome is growing and it's now believed that a diversity of gut bacteria are as essential for our health as one of our organs, such as our liver or kidneys.


The large intestine contains trillions of bacteria. These bacteria have evolved with us and assist our wellbeing as long as we look after them. The gut bacteria thrive alongside various yeasts and viruses, fermenting and digesting the fibres in our diet that we can't digest.

Our gut microbiome can become out of balance due to limited diets, processed foods, antibiotics, other medications, alcohol, pesticides and herbicides.


The term we use for unbalanced gut microbiome is 'dysbiosis'.


Assessing intestinal dybiosis can be a game changer for someone who has problems losing weight, diabetes type II, or digestive problems such as bloating, constipation and diarrhoea.

I recommend and offer the GI map stool test for assessment of gut health, including leaky gut.  

GI map stool testing for gut health longevity wellbeing Simone Jeffries Naturopath
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Which foods suit you?

Functional testing can be a game changer when you are wanting to understand which foods add to your health and which ones are best for you to avoid (or eat minimally).


I love to recommend food biocompatibility testing for an assessment of the foods that suit your individual biochemistry.

This simple hair test can be a game changer for people who suffer from:

  • inflammation and pain

  • weight gain

  • skin conditions

  • memory problems

  • digestive discomfort

Personalised medicine

I am passionate about herbal medicine as a way to personalise medicine to each individual.

Herbal medicine can support people with


  • stress, anxiety, brain fog

  • blood glucose imbalances

  • thyroid conditions

  • low energy

  • poor immune system, recurrent illnesses

  • hormone imbalance

  • liver and gallbladder disease

  • memory and cognition problems

  • cardiovascular concerns

One of the fabulous things about herbal medicine is that we are able to support many of these areas all at once by the choice of herbs that go into your formula.

Additionally, I encourage people to change their formulas as the seasons changes to feel fantastic all year round!

Learn more about herbal medicine.

Simone Jeffries herbalist personalised medicine Sydney
OMX testing optimal health metabolic pathways metabolism

Metabolic pathways

​I will also recommend the OMX test to people who are struggling to understand an aspect of their health which other testing can't explain.

This urine test throws a light on individual metabolic processing. It can help with understanding of:

  • Metabolic and macronutrient processing

  • Mitochondrial dysfunction

  • Nutritional and vitamin status

  • Level and flow of amino acids

  • Inflammation

  • Ketosis, or poor carbohydrate metabolism

  • Detoxification pathways

  • Mood issues 

  • Oxidative stress

  • Gut dysbiosis – (complements a GI-MAP to assess overall health)

  • Overall well-being

Seasonal health

As an important backdrop to the therapeutic work I do with my clients is the concept of honouring the cycles of nature. I love to support people to work with natural cycles to maintain their health long term.

Night and day, the lunar cycle, the menstrual cycle and the seasons of the year have a subtle yet important influence on our physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

When we are out of sync with the seasons and the daily rhythm of nature we can experience stress, depression, insomnia, weight gain and chronic disease.

For me, the idea of using the rhythms of nature as a tool for wellbeing isn't a wishy washy or hippie idea.


The rhythm of natural cycles offers us a structure within which we can plan and order our daily and seasonal activities so they become sustainable healthy habits.

Happy Mature Woman


"The best thing I've done for my health in years.

Thank you Simone!"

Carol D, Lane Cove

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