Reset your energy (at any age)!

Fatigue can creep up on us gradually over years, or it can hit out of nowhere. Either way, fatigue can be overwhelming and negatively affect every area of your life.

Every day in my clinic I meet people who are running on empty. They might have a stressful job, a young family, or elderly parents. It's very common for men and women to have more than one area of major stress in their lives.

To live our lives to their full potential we need energy!

The many faces of fatigue

Dietary and digestion:

~  dietary inadequacies

~  food intolerances

~  sluggish digestion, bloating, constipation, diarrhoea

~  poor absorption of nutrients

~  low iron levels, low vitamin B1



~  alcohol and drugs

~  lack of exercise

~  overuse of coffee and caffeine drinks

Lack of sleep:

~  insomnia

~  not getting 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night

Chronic pain

Health conditions:

~  overweight

~  blood sugar swings, type 2 diabetes

~  thyroid under or over function

~  fatty liver disease

~  peri-menopause or menopause

~  auto-immune conditions

~  recurring infections, post viral fatigue


~  financial, physical, time pressures

~  emotional or relationship challenges

~  caring for others

~  adrenal fatigue


~ anxiety

~ overthinking and negative self talk

~ depression

Health goals

1. Our first goal is to discover and explore the reason(s) for your fatigue and to develop a plan to bring you back into balance.


2. Our next goal is to determine the right mix of nourishing foods, relaxation and herbal treatment to support you as you heal and restore your body. 

3. Our final goal is to return you to feeling strong, resilient and energetic. 

There is no one food, herb or supplement that can fix energy problems. To increase energy we must go back to the foundations of health and support our hormone production, liver function, digestion, sleep and the mitochondria in our cells.

Follow your heart to live a life that you love.

Grow your energy and pursue your life's purpose. 

Radiate that energy to everyone.

Simone Jeffries

B. Health Science (Naturopathy)

inspired - supported - empowered

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