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Parsley compliments so many foods and is one of the most popular culinary herbs. Best grown in a pot at the back door or in a sunny spot on the kitchen windowsill.

How to grow parsley: 

Soil: best grown in rich, moist soil.

Position: Parsley grows better with some shade in the heat of the afternoon.

Height: curly leaf parsley 25 cm, flat leaf parsley 45 cm.

Plant: Spring and Autumn. Parsley is quite tricky to grow from seed, so I always buy a punnet of 6 seedlings from the nursery each Spring. 

Pests and Disease: Parsley is very tasty and will be nibbled on by possums and other creatures. That's another reason why I like to grow a lot of it.

Pick: new growth from Spring to Autumn for use in cooking. Cut the long flower stalks as they grow in order to prolong the life of the plant. 

Image by Free To Use Sounds
Image by Hanna Stolt

Companion Planting:

Parsley is a good companion to many plants because it's happy in a bit of shade and it brings beneficial insects into the garden.


It is reported that growing parsley in the garden near fruit and vegetables can enhance their flavour, and improve the fragrances of roses.


Parsley is a rich source of antioxidants, iron and vitamins A and C which makes it beneficial for maintaining healthy cells including skin, hair and blood cells. 

In the Kitchen:

A dish of scrambled eggs or an omelette are not complete without a sprig of parsley! Parsley is a key ingredient in tabbouleh salad.

Parsley is delicious with beef, bacon, oysters, fish, mushrooms and potato. It also combines well with garlic, mint, coriander, lemon and capers.

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