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Simone Jeffries Naturopath THRIVE in perimenopause program for women over 40.

THRIVE in perimenopause

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Welcome to THRIVE - a program for you to learn how to understand the hormone changes of perimenopause, and to use herbal medicine and food to support yourself naturally through this time. If you're someone who has always looked after your health naturally and eaten well, then you're going to love this program! This program runs for 12 weeks, because that's about the right amount of time for you to make the changes you need to support your health through perimenopause. Please ensure you book your initial appointment with Simone, so that we can start tailoring the information you're learning to be specific for your circumstances. At your first appointment you will be prescribed a herbal medicine and a women's multivitamin supplement to support you through the first 4 weeks. This prescription will be reviewed at your 2 subsequent follow up appointments. The 8 educational videos will open up for you week by week for 8 weeks. The longest is 12 minutes, so I hope you will find that you have time each week to watch each video. Please make a note of any questions you have and we can discuss them at your appointments. If you have any questions at any stage, please email This program gives you all the information you need for a thriving perimenopause! ​




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