What sorts of conditions do naturopaths treat?

As a naturopath, I treat a very wide range of digestive and hormonal conditions. Many people see a naturopath for low energy or healthy ageing.


What I usually find is that people come to see me because they have a number of things that are bothering them. Most of my clients are just like you, living busy lives, with multiple responsibilities and stresses. People often find their way to my clinic after many years of having little time for self care, or after medical testing has left them with no answers to their symptoms.


We will talk through everything that you are experiencing and problem solve to work out the underlying cause(s). It  may turn out that the problems can be treated with a mix of diet and lifestyle changes and some herbal medicine.

You can also refer to the 'How I can help you' section where I talk in more detail about the types of treatment I offer for men, women, seniors, young children and teenagers.

If you can't find the answer to your question on any of these pages, please give me a call on 0404 855 335.

If you are concerned that your own problems may be outside the scope of a naturopath, please contact me and we can talk about it together before you book an appointment. 

How do naturopaths help people with weight loss?

I am not a believer in diets, I don't measure peoples waist and hip circumference and I won't ask you to stand on the scales.


I find that people who are having trouble losing weight can benefit from a full health assessment and treatment in other areas such as digestion, hormones and/or emotional wellbeing. I often use flower essences to support emotional wellbeing.


I believe that your body will find a healthy weight when it is in balance and when you understand the best food choices for your body type and any health conditions you may have. If this is you, I can work with you to achieve your optimum health, right now, at whatever weight you are.

What happens in a naturopathic consultation?

During a naturopathic consultation we will talk about everything that is bothering you. We will look at any test results that you have, discuss your lifestyle, stress factors and normal diet. We will explore your family history and your own health history to get a holistic picture of you and your health.


After the information gathering is done, we will decide on a course of treatment and I will explain it thoroughly to you, so you understand exactly what steps we are taking to improve your health.

When will I start to feel better?

That depends! Most people report that, not only do they feel better within a few days, but they also feel better in ways that they did not expect, such as mood improvements or increased energy.

If yours is a chronic condition, such as diabetes or fatty liver disease, it can take longer to treat and you may have to stick to the treatment plan for a while longer.

Do herbal remedies have side effects or interactions with my medication?

Herbal medicine is very gentle and safe and we would not expect any side effects.


Some herbs have been known to interact with prescription medications, however I am fully trained to be able to assess the risks and prescribe appropriate herbal remedies.

Can I still take the medications that my doctor has prescribed?

Yes! The service that I offer is intended to be complimentary to that of your GP. Herbal medicines can sometimes replace your prescription medications, however in cases where the medications are necessary, we would do this with cooperation from your doctor.


As a fully qualified herbalist, I am equipped to understand the interactions between herbs and prescription drugs.

Are naturopathic services covered by private health funds in Australia?

All private health funds ceased to give rebates for naturopath consultations on 1st April 2019.

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